Narcissists Are Not Dealing with The Pandemic Very Effectively, Analysis Suggests –

Narcissists Are Not Dealing with The Pandemic Very Effectively, Analysis Suggests

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Most individuals have gone by a tough time amid this pandemic. However narcissists could also be experiencing a singular sort of distress throughout this time, in response to a current examine revealed within the Private and Particular person Variations journal.

Researchers surveyed a nationally consultant pattern of 402 People about their emotional and behavioral responses to the pandemic, along with their ranges of the 4 so-called darkish character traits: narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and sadism.

How darkish personalities face darkish instances.

Individuals excessive in narcissistic traits—which embody emotions of superiority, entitlement, and want for consideration—have been coping with much more damaging feelings in the course of the pandemic, in response to the examine’s findings. Moreover, the extra narcissistic somebody was, the extra instability they felt because of COVID, and the extra probably they had been to agree with statements like “I’ve misplaced management of my life.” 

Individuals excessive in Machiavellianism—marked by a willingness to govern folks for one’s personal profit—skilled many of those identical emotional struggles, the examine discovered. 

“Machiavellians attain their objectives by manipulating a predictable social system. Equally, narcissists preserve their grandiose self-concept by in search of affirmation from others in social settings,” the researchers write within the paper on their findings. “Due to this fact, people who’re larger in Machiavellianism and narcissism could understand the pandemic as a risk to the social stability that they depend on to take advantage of others and assist their sense of superiority.”

However this wasn’t the case for folks with psychopathic or sadistic tendencies. Individuals with psychopathic tendencies merely had fewer optimistic feelings, whereas sadists truly had extra optimistic feelings.

Psychopathy and sadism are each characterised by their delinquent conduct, the researchers observe, so it is doable these of us cared much less about social instability than folks like narcissists who truly thrive on contact with others.

“Social instability could also be threatening to narcissists as a result of they depend on social suggestions to assist their grandiose self-concept,” the researchers clarify.

Trying to find validation in a socially distanced world.  

Not one of the darkish character traits had been notably associated to adherence to COVID-19 precautions, the examine discovered. Most individuals within the examine had been social distancing and washing their fingers greater than regular, and being a narcissist or one other darkish character sort was not correlated with the likeliness of hoarding meals or provides. 

“These outcomes could assist the notion that the pandemic is a ‘sturdy state of affairs’ during which situational cues overpower the function of character in predicting variability in conduct,” the researchers clarify. 

One factor that did set narcissists aside? Professional-social conduct. 

Sure, folks excessive in narcissism had been truly extra more likely to do issues to attempt to assist folks affected by COVID-19, equivalent to blood donation, making masks, or donating to meals banks. The researchers suspect this conduct “could replicate an inclination to opportunistically have interaction in selfless acts to garner approval from others.” 

In different phrases, a technique narcissists could also be getting their want for approval happy throughout this pandemic is by doing good issues for people who find themselves struggling—not as a result of they care about these folks however as a result of they merely need to be praised. 


Narcissists are struggling by this pandemic similar to the remainder of us, however for them, this turbulent time frame is especially threatening due to the way it has eliminated their capability to get the validation they so desperately crave from others.

Importantly, the folks on this examine weren’t folks recognized with narcissistic character dysfunction however merely individuals who have some quantity of narcissistic traits, which are literally pretty frequent for most individuals to have to a point. In case you’re somebody who’s handled a lack of management throughout this time, narcissist or not, studying easy methods to navigate uncertainty is as necessary as ever.

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